Glow & Flow

Round up your neon and your Friday night friends and let’s PARTY! Glow and Flow is an all out blacklight dance party that kicks off with 60 minutes of dance fitness that will get your hips swiveling and your smile beaming! This combination of dance club moves is for all levels and this opportunity is for everyone! We’ve got the Latin beats, hip hop jams and world music vibes flowing and converging in one studio experience! After you dance your booty off the journey continues into a yoga cooldown that keeps you movin’ and groovin’! Float through salutations, tune into your breathing and then we start to ground down. Your joints and muscles will thank you for this 15 min yoga flow that leaves you feeling complete! Your heart and soul will thank you for the uplifting joy that dance, yoga and a good time can elicit! 60 mins Dance 15 mins Yoga Cool-down Prerequisites: No experience necessary! Check your judgment and your preconceived notions at the door! This is a safe space to just let go and have some FUN!